*Reducing your "ENERGY" bills over Winter.

If you are serious about creating an energy efficient home, the best thing to do is to order a smoke pencil online for around $25.  Close all of your windows and exterior doors, then turn on your bathroom fan and hoodrange to create negative pressure.  You can then use the smoke pencil by holding it near each window and door and watch to see if the smoke is sucked out through any gaps.  You can assess which windows will need to be re-caulked and which doors will need new weatherstriping.  If the door is extremely old and warped it may be time to replace it.

You may also be eligable for certain grants through the provincial government to increase the R-value of your home.  Through Live Smart BC there are a number of grants of up to $1,200 for your exterior walls, $1,000 for basement walls, $800 for crawl space, $450 for floor above crawlspace, $175 for exposed floor, $100 for basement header and up to $600 for your attic or roof.  Check with Live Smart BC before doing any work to make sure that you are eligable for these grants.  Below is a guidline for eligability of attics.  



When looking into buying or fixing up an older house be sure to look into the many energy efficient grants offered by the Province of British Columbia.   (Refer to the link directly below) 



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